No buzz words, just results! My sessions are not generic 'one-size-fits-all.' They are customized and tested solutions meeting your team's specific needs. Many partners simply reach into a bag of tricks for a quick fix. My focus is on long-term behavioral change where participants develop by understanding the many ways we influence others. This strategy favorably supports and sustains a winning culture.


Organizations hoping to thrive on technical skills alone will be outperformed by competitors who reinvest in their talent. Think back over recent events that have gone awry. Poor communication on some level is likely to blame. This affects staff at every level and people of every culture; many who are still adapting to a global economy.


Quality professional development doesn't have to break the bank. I offer half-day, full-day, two and three day sessions to meet your needs at a fair price. Do you have an employee who needs more concentrated development? I offer individual communication and leadership coaching as well. 

A Culture of Excellence (ACE)

1 or 2 day professional development experience

Everyone wants the Ace because it helps them win and because it represents the best! Those who experience dysfunctional cultures may think, “That’s the way it is.” Not so! Best selling author Simon Sinek reminds us, “Customers will never love your company until the employees love it first.” There is truth to that and in realizing the best way to build relationships with your customers is to build relationships with your employees first. This session provides the ‘how to’s’ of building a phenomenal culture.


Lessons fully engage participants with demonstrated tools from notable cultures like Zappos, Chick-fil-A, Barry-Wehmiller, Apple, as well as successful strategies from small business, healthcare, education, aviation, service industries, and non-profits. Expect to push through some of the brick walls that keep your team from reaching their full potential. 




Executive Presence

1/2 day / 4 hour session


Stay ahead of the competition and prepare for your next role with confidence and credibility. It is not always the case that others who advance are any smarter than you, but they know something you don't. Learn how to truly bring your A-game to the table!


EP matters! It identifies the ‘presence’ that people need to be highly successful as a communicator-leader.


Conveying confidence and earning respect as a leader, career advancement to achieve the promotion that you deserve, navigating the new     transition, and making an impact for others

Mission Possible 
1/2 day / 4 hour or full day session

Communication seems so simple, yet we often get it wrong by not recognizing ways to maximize understanding. Employees at every level struggle with the many complexities of the modern workplace and seek communication solutions to guide their success. 


This session offers entry level talent, middle managers, and senior staff contemporary interpersonal and leadership solutions--understanding the behaviors that drive or hinder one’s ability to work collaboratively. Further, it reinforces a unified culture and prepares employees to advance their leadership and support others along the way. Success is additionally present in the ability to manage diverse teams resulting from a global economy and mixed generations. 





On Your Mark. Get Set. Lead! 

Full day session

Getting a seat at the table takes determination and recognized competence. How do great leaders foster a sphere of influence? They’re not any smarter than you but they know what you don’t! This experience offers a showcase of best practices with compelling tools for growth as visionaries, mentors, coaches, and stewards. Insight comes from today’s most recognized leaders (Chapman, Cathy, Mayer, Sinek, Ury), plus timeless pearls of wisdom from authorities like Drucker, Disney, Maxwell, and Welch. Participants leave with a renewed sense of commitment to clients and employees. A return on investment unfolds in increased leadership, service standards, management, and loyalty. 


This session supports professional development by challenging conventional ideas of leadership and provides attendees with advanced solutions to build their leadership and to empower others through cultural transformation, process improvement, and change. The result is a bold expression of leadership to satisfy employee and ‘bottom line’ results.

The Spirit of Service

Full day session 

What do successful leaders know that you don't? They don't just lead with their head, they lead with heart! It's profoundly simple, but simply profound. For small business owners to larger employers, this session moves your customer service skills from ordinary to remarkable. Starting with a compelling vision, this session teaches higher level leaders the 'how to's of servant leadership that results in exceptional customer service. Take-a-ways include a road map to actionble skills, understanding the significance of courage and empthy. Imagine maintaining the power of fun in the culture and developing a workforce comprised not just of great employees, but great citizens. Driven by case studies and best (and realistic!) practices from contemporary companies who got it right---you can too!


Solutions to Create Opportunity and Success

2 hour session

(may be combined with additional content for a 4 hour session)

Mixed messages are confusing. Lean in, but not too much. Speak up, but not too often. Be empowered, but only when it’s politically correct. No wonder women have trouble understanding some of the bold solutions to create opportunity and success.


Stand in the business section of any book store or online book market. There are hundreds of titles just for women about negotiating, empowerment, surviving a hostile workplace, work-life balance and more. It is very overwhelming! Women need a handful of principles that are easily digested to serve as a catalyst in their negotiations and success. 


This two-hour session captures the essence of our strengths and limitations in the many ways we negotiate. For instance, we advocate for our spouses and partners, for our children, for our friends, and sometimes for our co-workers. But how good are we at advocating for ourselves? Lessons frame the ways we’re missing the mark in our personal and professional lives to offer solutions to change our thinking and outcomes. 

Bully Busting!

1/2 day / 4 hour or full day session

This session is preventative and corrects a culture before it becomes toxic. You never want to let the many suffer at the expense of the few. Instead, you must inform the few to save the many.


Faulty workplace behavior may not be the leader's fault, but it does become the leader's problem and ignoring it is a poor reflection of leadership.


I bring a successfully demonstrated blend of effective confrontation and interpersonal solutions to assist in maintaining a healthy culture. Download the full session description above and reach out to learn more:

Business Class

1/2 day / 4 hour or full day session

Be confident, not confused!


In business and professional settings, you may sometimes feel like you are under a microscope, and guess what—you ARE! People often associate ‘etiquette’ with stuffy rules and although polished behaviors are important, learning them doesn’t have to be intimidating. There is truth to the old cliche, “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.” Manage yourself in a variety of contexts, settings, and occasions.


I remind clients that business is about relationships. The successful art of the deal—whether it is made over dinner, a round of golf, or in the boardroom is guided by confident conversation and other business and social manners. 


Handling yourself with poise builds overall effectiveness. This session helps new hires to C-level partners needing to offer ‘five star’ treatment. Individuals who can successfully navigate their way in a variety of business circumstances are highly valued by organizations.


Lisa takes the mystery (and anxiety) out of business and social protocol. Download Business Class PDF for description of sample lessons.

Speak Confidently!

1/2 day / 4 hour or full day session

Fancy word. Common problem.

Glossophobia is the fear of public speaking. The word is Greek for tongue. We all have one and we’ve all experience it becoming dry when we’re in front of an audience.


C'mon! We've all experienced this and surveys confirm it is the #1 fear on the planet--- for many even before death. There's just no sense in that, or in not stepping up to slay this dragon! Download my flyer to learn more about ways I can assist with high impact speaking---from managing the butterflies, to coaching you through a successful delivery. I dig connecting with audiences and sharing this passion with others.  


One of my favorite public speaking quotes, "The brain begins to work the moment we're born, and never stops....until we stand up to speak in public. Ain't it the truth!"-anonymous



Keynote Address for Women's Events:

Mission Possible: Tactical Solutions to Develop your 'A' Game


Ever been frustrated by watching somebody else advance; especially someone who has been with an organization for less time or who may be less qualified? They are not any smarter than you, but they know what you don't. The answers to what's really keeping you from progress may surprise even you! Research reminds us that those who advance to key positions, do so by combining their knowledge with “Interpersonal IQ.” They also have a keen sense of skillful ways to avoid business bleeps and blunders. I'll reveals the lessons and strategies that women in top U.S. companies apply to leverage their growth in corporate roles, healthcare, technology, education, politics, government, and entertainment. Audiences learn how to abandon habits that sabotage success and develop a notable presence with forward thinking for results--TODAY!


Complimentary 60 minute breakout session for your event included.


Associations: Women’s Impact Initiative / Association of Talent Development / National Association of Professional Women / National Communication Association

Keynote Address:

Leadership Lessons from Hippies, Yippies, Zippies, Yuppies, Beatniks, Punks, and Raves!


The hippies and boomers who are now the senior leaders in many organizations gave us buzz words (and for some I emphasize the word ‘buzz’!) like quality circles, thinking outside the box, and lean which are rampant in modern organizations. Leadership has joined the ranks of these buzz words. We have team leaders, community leaders, political leaders, thought leaders, market leaders. We lead in our company, our worship centers, our home. The word leader has become a label instead of an action. Leadership is personal. It can be scary, but it becomes a reality when we live our ideals, when the mission and vision statements come off the wall and into us. Sometimes we realize this through life’s tough lessons.