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My services and course experiences support employees from entry-level to C-level. The people-centric approach uses contemporary communication best practices to maximize results. Change is realized through understanding behaviors that breathe new life into the culture and bring mission and vision documents off of the walls or website and readily connect to the employee. A restored identity transfers back to the workplace favorably transforming the employee, the team, and the organization.


You have my ear! Many traditional consultants begin with lengthy questionnaires which may have a place, but our relationship begins with listening. Talk to me...What's happening that shouldn't? What isn't happening that should? What keeps you up at night? What are the immediate issues to resolve? What happens if these are ignored short term? Long term? We'll review the variety of solutions available and find the best solutions for your team.

Leadership is not a 9 to 5 skill. True leaders understand that with great privilege comes great responsibility. Innovation is present in immediate connections that transfer back to the workplace, home, and community. Real transformation is in understanding the strengths and limitations of your organization's benchmarks. I work with individuals and teams to achieve world-class results. As learning occurs, participants emerge further distinguished in their ability to lead, inspire and value diverse relationships at every level- all critical skills for a global economy. Simply put a stronger front line results in a healthier bottom line.

My approach is not, "I speak and you listen." We've all attended development programs where learning fades quickly and training materials are shelved. My innovative techniques developed over three decades actively engage participants with memorable methodologies, modern case studies, and meaningful lessons. Principles prepare participants to take the reins while building an interpersonal infrastructure of success.

Bring it home! I offer post-training support to transition from the training room to the boardroom. To fully implement new behaviors and keep old ones in check sustained reinforcement is available in performance-based coaching, training, and available resources to keep success on track. 

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