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Grey Limbo

 Sr. Vice President of Human Resources and Education, Aultman Health Foundation

Aultman Health Foundation has had the pleasure of working with Lisa Waite since 2013. We have used Lisa’s expertise in different capacities and within various areas of our organization to provide leadership development and coaching. Lisa delivers every session with passion, energy, and relevance. Her delivery methods are always fun and engaging. It’s almost as if you hang onto every word Lisa says! She truly serves as an advocate for the development of our leaders, often thinking of ways to assist, even after the training hours have been completed. Lisa goes above and beyond to share her wisdom and knowledge with everyone she works with. I strongly recommend, and even encourage, other organizations to consider the talent and dedication of Lisa Waite.


Mike Gallina,Vice President of Organizational Development and Community Engagement, AultCare 

I had the privilege of being in your session today with our Aultman Health Foundation leaders. What a magnificent presentation!  I loved your metaphor of bringing the band back together, complete with analogies to performers and performances. That was a cool idea!


Your emphasis on efficacy with constituent groups, with particular emphasis on our employees, was/is so spot on! And the process you shared to achieve this type of engagement is powerful.


Well done, as usual!  What a joy to have been with you today!

Vic Fernandez, ComDoc

I want to personally thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend your training yesterday. The knowledge you supplied will definitely help as I move forward in my career. There are so many take-a-ways that are too many to list. I just want to say THANK YOU for sharing your expertise with me. 

Jackie Jeter, Senior Team Leader, Express Employment Professionals

Thank you for everything yesterday, It was amazing! I learned so much; lots to bring back to the team for sure.  

Karen Brenneman, Managing Partner Hall, Kistler & Company

What an impactful day! There were so many great nuggets of information to certainly make a difference in my life--both personal and professional. I've been to many development events. This one really sands out. Thanks for empowering me!

Grey Limbo

Chief Executive Officer, YMCA 

Thanks so much Lisa for your leadership Friday at our annual staff retreat.  I’ve already heard from a number of staff how much they appreciated your comments, material and advice (and even from some staff that could not attend but had heard how valuable it was).  I think your presentation will really help us develop a work culture that is healthy both for the staff as well as the Y.  You shared with us some tools and insights that will assist us to better balance everything we have on our plates. Thanks again for all you do to help strengthen the foundations of community by impacting the lives of youth and families. 

Dean, Assistant Professor Aultman College of Nursing 

Thank you so much for a very helpful “EmpowHERment” training session! I found the event energizing, challenging, and useful. I was able to employ one of the new strategies successfully--literally the same day after returning to work! I have attended a lot of leadership and communication trainings prior, nut never have I been able to adapt a technique so quickly. All of the strategies Lisa covered were valuable and not only could I readily apply them to a work environment, but also to my home environment with my family and friends. I enthusiastically recommend attending one of Lisa’s sessions, no matter what stage of your career. On top of that, I simply had a great time!

 CEO Domestic Violence Project

Lisa hits you square between the eyes with what you intrinsically know, but most of the time don’t think about. Thanks for the head-butt Lisa!

Marketing Director, ComDoc

Thank you for your time today. The information you present and the tools that you arm us with are invaluable.  I always leave our sessions feeling refreshed, revived, and ready to take on the world!  The few hours we spent with you will pay off for months, maybe years to come.  You provide us with the direction and clarity to be the best leaders, mothers, wives, and community partners that we all strive to be!

Dawn McLendon

Marketing Director, ComDoc

Amy Prinoda, Professional Restoration Systems

The leadership class has given me a completely different perspective on how to lead my team. I am excited to get back and start using some of the techniques I’ve learned.

Grey Limbo

HR Director, 
Beaver Excavating

Lisa’s experience is one of the best I’ve attended in a very long time. She’s real, upfront (literally), open to feedback and truly helpful. She makes you want to listen, learn, and apply. Thank you!​

Administrative Director, Mercy Medical Center

Dynamic & engaging speaker! Many great take-a-ways I can actually use with my team in the coming year. This day was well spent and the investment will yield long term results. 

Aultman Hospital

Your class today was the best & most inspiring I have attended! The tools you presented will be put to good use personally & professionally. Thank you for igniting the fire within me and exciting me about growing as a leader.

Martha Venegas, Perez Restoration Contractors

Outstanding session and content. Thanks Lisa for the reality check! I I am selective about trainings I attend. This is among the very best

HR Manager

Lisa was very engaging! She had the room captured and hanging onto her next words. Her style of instruction was very refreshing and left me wanting more! I recommend Lisa for any corporate trainings--excellent presentation!

Grey Limbo

Manager Mercy Medical Center

As a new manager, I will be able to incorporate all I have learned from this course. Thank you for helping me improve my thinking and behavior at work and home settings. You also made me look inside myself. Your sense of humor balanced the intense moments of discussion.

Barbara Yingling,Sr. Vice President Chief Nursing Officer Cleveland Clinic Mercy Hospital

Lisa brings realistic solutions to maximize team performance. She addressed our needs through a clear progression of purposeful learning that serves us in a variety of strategic ways.

Mariana Silva, Invent Now Marketing & Communications       

Your session was amazing! I was so excited to share what I learned with my manager. This is a session for several other of our teams to enjoy as well.  

Business Development Manager, ComDoc

Today was creative, informative and dynamic/ you provided clear instruction on how to deal with most any communication situation. I walk away from every session with additional valuable leadership skills. The tools are ones I can remember in the ‘heat of the moment.' Thanks Lisa.

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