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I started this venture to help others become the best version

of themselves and learn to stand in their truth. As part of that mission, I want to

deliver high-quality development solutions that you'll be proud to bring to your team.


So how did I get here?


My 'why' started with great parents who instilled a value in people over things, and the notion to leave people better off than I found them. My journey continued as an undergraduate student where I had some professors who were rock stars and some who had no business being in a classroom. It was the same experience in the corporate sector; some bosses were real leaders and others were only in it for the title and salary. 


It was in these life experiences I realized that leading (as parent, teacher, boss) is a very powerful platform that should never be abused. I promised myself that if I ever assumed any of those roles ( I did all three), that I would do my very best to 'pour' into others with empathy, dignity, and grace. I am hard-wired to help those placed in my path and it is joyful to honor my own calling by helping others find theirs. My primary metric is determined by the number of lives I favorably influence. At the most basic level, everyone wants to know that they matter and that their work is valued. My role helps others to see their own strengths and encourages responsible behavior. This is the 'secret sauce' of innovative teams, successful organizations and happy people. 


Funny story...


As I sat between mom and dad at the 8th grade parent-teacher conference, Mrs. Baker (best teacher ever!) said that I was a "good student, most often well behaved (There was one spit ball incident. What can I say...) and self-appointed social butterfly of the class--willing to listen to friends and dispense advice." I suppose even back then my fondness of rallying the troops to collaborate was an early sign that I would somehow find my way to promote communication and leadership in others! (Here I am in cheer mode --middle row, on the end next to Mrs. Baker.)





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