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100+ organizations trust Lisa time and again! 


I am a passionate practitioner and enthusiastic advocate for caring cultures. I help people to lead with a servant's heart and transform others in a manner that fosters mutual performance beyond their own capabilities. My communication and leadership development earns a consistent rating of ‘excellent,' and signature lessons build world-class teams from C-level leaders to new employees where;


1. Quality becomes the norm, not the exception

2. Employees identify their strengths and develop responsible behaviors

3. Content is often described as "life changing"


You can bet that the competition is investing in their top performers, so don't ignore 'soft' skill training! Business is about relationships, period--and nothing 'hard' happens without soft skills. Optimize communication 'I.Q.' and performance with improved relationships. Become the employer of choice and leverage the organization by creating value and engaging employees.



“I don’t teach people how to lead. I teach them to communicate so they can lead better.”


I achieve my success by helping others find theirs--simple as that. My assistance helps people discover the highest expression of themselves. This is the spirit of ‘one-anothering’ that guides my work and my enthusiasm. Those who are placed in my path are served with the dignity and grace they so richly deserve.



DISTINGUISHED:  Certified Coach, Development Specialist, Speaker, Author  

  • National Communication Association: Training and Development

  • International Women's Leadership Association

  • National Association of Professional Women

  • Women's Impact Initiative International

  • Top 100 in Top 100 Leader Magazine

  • Global Who’s Who Among Executives and Professionals

  • Who’s Who Among Educators and Professional

  • Who’s Who in North American Education

  • Whose Who Among Business Executives and Professionals



No workshop or seminar takes the place of leadership, but it kicks the door open to dialogue! We’ve all attended development programs where learning fades quickly and training materials are shelved. My approach is not, “I speak and you listen.” Innovative techniques engage participants with memorable methodologies, modern case studies, and meaningful lessons. Course principles prepare participants to take the reins while building a personal infrastructure of success. Check out my testimonials to see what others say...





Truly Human Leadership

Waite's Words of Wisdom: 

Happy employees are happy people.


Happy people make the world better...

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