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Value Proposition


Tangible results!

I help organizations build winning cultures and world class teams through an intentional brand of leadership. Competition to acquire and retain the best talent, combined with changes in technology, a global workforce, and delayed retirements create leadership obstacles making today’s workplace more complex than ever. 


Expect to see favorable changes in your culture via: 

  • Appreciation   …happier people

  • Collaboration  …who support each other’s strengths

  • Innovation       …to develop a competitive edge!


For example:

One of my recent clients, a large healthcare organization struggled with how to bring all of this together. The culture was filled with negativity and divide from failures of previous leadership. I was able to help them rebuild their culture and breathe new life into a collaborative team spirit. Today, they enjoy a redefined culture as one of Northeast Ohio's leading healthcare providers!

Recently, I partnered with a national beverage and snack food company to help reevaluate some cultural dynamics that had shifted with recent mergers and a leadership change. The human resource director sought "to create a workplace environment where everyone feels valued and protected, and to ensure that actions align with our core values." She had a highly competent team that benefitted from my key lessons. The training also encompassed ways for team members to see each other through a more empathetic lens and foster a caring spirit for the 'whole' employee. At the three month follow-up meeting she reported, "Your work helped the team really move forward. The      ' ah ha' moments were profound and I feel that for the first time in many years, we are collaborating authentically and our numbers show it." I am scheduled to repeat the experience for two fo their other departments and one of their global partners this summer.

This year I also assisted an executive healthcare team to revise their culture documents. This included a review and implementation of new vision strategies to replace ineffective expectations and establish new codes of conduct. In short, communication breakdowns led to mistrust that affected competence and even gave rise to some bullying behavior. My training sessions gave senior staff, supervisors, and others the strategies to lead with confidence, promote competence, and foster mutual respect (it wasn't always an easy process!). We built a metric to maintain the culture in this positive direction where all decisions and behaviors are measured against the vision as the new benchmark. It is the standard that recalibrated decision making. 

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